TRC Day 2 - Learning

Justice Murray Sinclair - Chair of the TRC
Day 2 of the TRC began with a grand entry and opening remarks from various dignitaries and leaders from aspects of the residential school history - First Nations, government, and churches. The theme was "We still have lots to learn" and centred around the ongoing need for truthfulness and listening for reconciliation to move forward into actions. Justice Murray Sinclair called on everyone to take actions of reconciliation - "This isn't an Aboriginal problem but a Canadian problem...Reconciliation values all people." 

Later in the day I attended a panel discussion on ways Canada can/should implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Here there was a strong call again to take our learning and ideas and put them into concrete laws and practices in Canada. Here's a couple of highlights and challenging ideas:

"Truth-telling is important but not sufficient for reconciliation...action is needed." (Letter from Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary General) 

"What about the victims of democracy?" (Grand Chief Edward John)

"This can't just be about reconciliation, but restitution." (Ellen Gabriel)

"It takes everyone to hope." (David Langtry)

"Apologies risk coming with an absence of clear commitment to change." (Paul Joffe)

Overall, it was a full day with lots to process, for Canada, but personally as well. Learning about a blemished history is tiring, no doubt, but so vital. I'm ready for Day 3 - "This ending is just the beginning."


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