#RunForWater - From Abbotsford to Ethiopia

Living in Abbotsford now, I had the chance to participate for the first time in what's become a hallmark community event - the annual Run For Water. And while people of all ages and all running abilities gathered to run a variety of distances (some more ambitious than the 5k I ran - my wife ran a half marathon!), our running in Abbotsford paralelled running of a different sort in Ethiopia. Where our running here is a community event, theirs is a daily event, not one of leisure or sport, but of necessity and sustenance. In Ethiopia, and countless other places, people travels miles a day to find clean water. Where we run for water (to raise money, awareness, etc...), they run to water. Hopefully the money raised ($253,000) can help change this reality in providing accessible water to more Ethiopians. From Abbotsford to Ethiopia, this video summary tells the story well of why I ran for water:

Envision Financial Run For Water 2014 Race Day Video from Run for Water on Vimeo.


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