People and buildings

Market in Union Square
After 3 days in Manhattan it's hard to process the time. As a teacher I'm leading a group of students in an educational experience of urban culture that's been exciting, inspiring and challenging in all sorts of ways. Yet much of the time I find I'm the student right alongside them.

I'm not sure exactly what I expected to encounter. We have a pretty tight itinerary of planned activities ranging from visiting landmarks to museums to hurricane relief to to churches to wandering streets, squares, and parks. So in some ways, there haven't been many surprises. But two things have stood out to me. 

First, it's the people. One could come to New York just to watch and interact with people. The constant motion of of everyone all telling a different story, but stories that combine to present the story of that is New York. It's fascinating to observe, and being here, to add our stories to this bigger tale of the Big Apple. 

And then there is the buildings. Initially, the heights themselves were actually not as immense as I expected. But the density! And the vast expanse of concrete, brick and steel goes on and on and on. When I'm not watching people I'm looking up or around.

Anyway, this is just an initial thought from our first days engaging New York with Praxis. We have much more to see and do and hear!


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