"oridnary life"

As a pastor and now Bible college teacher, I'm considered a "religious professional." However uncomfortable I am with the term (and I am, believe me!), I get paid to lead, partner, and grow with others in the area faith and spirituality. And quite problematic, I think, is a tendency to see aspects of the spiritual life as something we can somehow attain. We want to be experts. As a religious professional, I had a better be an expert. Expert in prayer. Expert in worship. Expert in the Bible. Expert in Christianity...

The problem?

Well, spirituality quickly divorces from reality. We strive for something "out there" only to miss how that something (God) is right here. If we want to be experts in anything, why not consider expertise in the ordinary?

Speaking on prayer, Richard Foster offers this reminder which I think applies well to all our spiritual endeavors:

Healthy prayer  necessitates frequent experience of the common, earthy, run-of-the-mill variety. Like walks, and talks, and good wholesome laughter. Like work in the yard, and chitchat with the neighbors, and washing windows. Like loving our spouse, and playing with our kids, and working with our colleagues. To be spiritually fit to scale the Himalayas of the spirit, we need regular exercise in the hills and valleys of ordinary life. (From Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home)



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