where are the leaders?

Listen to some of the commentary or perspectives on today’s young adults and the future looks bleak when it comes to up-and-coming leaders in our culture. “Where are the leaders?” we query. Existing leaders look at the new generation of young adults with suspicion.

Lazy. Entitled. Distracted. Uncommitted. Technologically-consumed. And the list of negative descriptors goes on. And these are our future leaders?

Much effort gets placed in trying to counter these trends and characteristics. Existing leaders need to foster an environment for new leadership to flourish. Schools, organizations, and churches emphasize the importance of leadership development. And in many ways, rightly so. As a leader of young adults myself, I agree with the need for such an emphasis. I’m passionate about building into future leaders, a role I get to exercise daily in my work at Columbia Bible College.

All this to say, I think young adults do need good leaders so they can become good leaders.

And then I met this years new students to the college. Where I anticipated immaturity and even a lack of leadership, I encountered the exact opposite. Instead of laziness, I see energy. Instead of entitlement, I see service. Instead of distraction, I see engagement. Instead of uncommitted, I see faithful. Millennial stereotypes haven’t applied. Negativity has been replaced with hope.

Where I anticipated leading, I found myself being led.

And as a leader, I’m ready to follow…


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