(back) to school

Yes, it’s that time of year - “back to school.” For kids, anticipation mixes with disappointment as the of summer break meets the fresh start of the school year. For parents, a return to routine is welcome, while the looming busyness of the school year is reason for pause. Away we go...

Today is our son’s first day of kindergarten. For him, this is no “back” to school - “to school” describes his transition. And he can’t wait! It’s fascinating to observe his wonder as he anticipates what are to him profound opportunities: “I get to use a computer!” “I get to eat lunch at school!” “I get to play at the playground!” What my adult sensibilities see as ordinary aspects of everyday life - perhaps even monotonous - my son sees as adventure and opportunity, the extraordinary privilege of going to school. Without knowing it, he sees the goodness in the ordinary. And his wonder, I find, is inspiring.

No doubt a year from now my son’s wonder at going to school will temper as he goes back to school for the first time. Yet I hope he doesn’t lose all the wonder. While a first time experience can never be replicated, recognition of the goodness in the ordinary will go a long way in life.

Before we all get overwhelmed with the reality of this back to school season, perhaps we all need to reflect back or observe those naive kindergarteners, and adopt the lens of wonder in the ordinary.

To school we go...


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