Run for Water - "Now I have hope"

Abbotsford's Run for Water is one of the most inspiring community events I know as individuals and groups partner together to run, yes, but mainly to give hope by giving people access to clean water.

This clip tells the story of Selamnesh and the "hope" she has because of the Run for Water:

Why Run For Water?

Runners possess an acute understanding of the importance of hydration - how critical clean drinking water is to sustaining fitness, health and life.  In the developing world, the stakes are much higher.  Estimates are that 1 billion people on our planet do not have access to a reliable source of clean water and that every 19 seconds, a child dies for lack of clean water!  The lack of a water source also means children, particularly young girls, cannot go to school. It means women cannot tend to their family or pursue a livelihood.  Instead they spend their days attending to their daily water needs, frequently walking for hours to fetch water that is unsanitary.  Each May, we encourage people of all ages and abilities to run for "Water" in order to help those in need access safe, clean water sources.  Access to clean water is foundational to securing health, education and economic well-being. 


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