10 things I love about marriage

Our wedding day!
This past week my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

I’ve written before how too often marriage is seen as a commodity, a relationship we consume for our individual benefit, dependant on my satisfaction instead of mutual love and commitment. It’s my experience of the latter that makes me love marriage - the chance to share life together in all its complexity and joy.

I’m truly blessed to have 10 years of mutual love and commitment with Julie! And so here’s a bit of a lighter post - 10 things I love about marriage (in no particular order):
  1. Friendship: genuine relationship in all its facets
  2. Adventure: whether it’s cycling the neighborhood, camping with babies(!!!), taking career risks, or traveling, marriage has provided many great adventures.
  3. Family: two beautiful, fun, amazing children we get to share life with!
  4. Faith: to see and experience God’s presence together in our marriage has sustained us these 10 years.
  5. Presence: the opposite of loneliness
  6. Games: who doesn’t love games with their spouse!?! Board games that is.   
  7. Honesty: It can be amusing to think back to the first months of marriage and the walking on tippy-toes around simple day-to-day aspects of married life. Yeah, not much tippy-toeing now.
  8. Commitment: we’ve had some struggles these ten years - disappointments, losses, conflict...through it our common commitment to one another has only deepened.
  9. Partnership: work, parenting, home, community, faith, and just life in general, has given us the opportunity to support, encourage, and join one another in fulfilling our aspirations in life.
  10. Influence: it’s a privilege to lead alongside one another, leading, teaching, and mentoring individuals in life and faith in a variety of ways.
Thanks for making marriage so great Julie!


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