Liminal Living

Liminality - "the condition of being on a threshold or at the beginning of a process."

Personally, I'm in a period of liminality - a threshold as I transition in role and community. Christianity, many say, is also in a period of liminality as churches adjust to changing cultures and shrinking public influence. Such transition can bring stress, uncertainty, and a whole host a challenges as people reflect on past identity and the unknowns of the days ahead. Our default reaction can be to get rid of the discomfort as soon as possible. And as Christians, we can even tell ourselves that changing times indicate a loss of faithfulness in the foundations of our faith in Jesus.

Yet this context of transition and disequilibrium, suggests Michael Frost, isn't contrary to following Jesus and may in fact be the exact posture required to faithfully follow Jesus as individuals and communities of faith. This clip elaborates on Frost's concept of "Liminal Living":


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