"faith in public life" - summer at Regent College

As years pass since my last classes at Regent College I continue to find myself reflecting positively on those times. Regent's greatest asset, I believe, is leaving its mark on students far beyond classes, lectures, and assignments. The integration of faith and life through honest and deep engagement with Christianity and culture profoundly shaped the way I view the world. Whether it's as a pastor, teacher, husband, father, friend, or follower of Jesus, Regent's influence on me persists. Quite literally, Regent can change your life. It did mine.

And this summer you can get a taste of the Regent College experience:

Regent's Summer term is different from the regular terms in that it is filled with rich teaching from a wide variety of world class faculty, lunchtime concerts, prayer retreats, and weekly free evening public lectures. It's a great time to dive into courses about history, theology, and Christianity for the pure pleasure of learning, while also enjoying Vancouver in the summertime!

But wait, you may be thinking, is not Regent only for pastors and theology-types? Well, no, actually. Regent College has always sought to serve all people, with their summer program giving particular attention to exploring "faith in public life." So whether you're a teacher, a business person, a thinker, a dreamer, an artist, a parent, or a someone simply wishing to dig deeper into faith and life, I'd highly recommend Regent College summer school. It may just change your life.

More details about Regent summers courses can be found on their summer school website.


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