Consistency in life and faith

What happened at Easter?

Why the cross on Friday?

Why resurrection on Sunday?

What did this all accomplish?

These are questions Christians have pondered for centuries of Easters come and gone. Other times, little thought is given the profundity of the Easter story - the meaning is assumed.

And in the extraordinary reality of Easter - forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, life! - we don't always reflect on how whether or not our beliefs are consistent with our lives. We don't always realize how what we emphasize in faith - e.g. sin or grace - will influence how we live.

It was in addressing such questions of consistency regarding the cross and Jesus that I appreciated most in a small book I recently reviewed for the MB Herald - Derek Flood's Healing the Gospel. Here's an excerpt from my review:
For Flood, to study atonement theology is as much an exercise in biblical exposition as it is in seeking theological consistency. Love and judgment, punishment and healing must be reconciled....

...Additionally, throughout the text, Flood offers implications for response in Christian life and faith – atonement theology is not merely an academic pursuit, but influences our whole lives as followers of Jesus in the world (e.g., the way of nonviolence).


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