Cleaning up

I can sometimes be a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning up. Tidying for me is often more efficient in the crunch of the last minute. Be it my inbox (182!!!) or my desk (see picture), I function with a level of mess around me. I can always get to tidying later.

But sometimes deadlines require swift action. Or planned organization. Disorder can’t last forever and I move into action returning a level of order around me.

Tidying, however, is different in times of transition. Sure, I may in fact leave my desk until the last hours in my office, but even something as simple as cleaning up a space can reflect a larger transitional reality: delaying the inevitable.

How often do we avoid the little areas of organization to avoid the larger ones? Am I avoiding emptying my bookshelf because I’m lazy? Or because I’m avoiding the reality that come Monday, this will no longer be my daily space?

Good transition, I’m experiencing, means paying attention to both the large and small realities. I don’t want the rush of office-tidyng to reflect a rush in other areas of this transition like valuable friendships.

The book of Proverbs repeatedly carries the phrase, “pay attention.” Transitions require wisdom, no doubt. And paying attention is integral to wisdom. I’m realizing, then, how even the smallest detail can be worth paying attention to, even how and when I tidy my desk.


Chris said...

"I function with a level of mess around me. I can always get to tidying later."

Pretty much my office motto... heck it could even be my motto for MY ENTIRE LIFE! ;)

David Warkentin said...

Thankfully I've managed to keep my office mess reasonable (if that's possible) and it hasn't encroached too much outside the office ;)

jeremy said...

I will definitely take that in consideration of course.

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