Resurrection Reality

Look at the world and what's your default? Hope? Hopelessness? Apathy? Overwhelmed?

Do you feel pressure, desire, guilt even, to bring life and hope to a world that desperately needs it?

Prior to his death, Jesus’ followers were desperate to bring life to the world around them, constantly pestering Jesus about when and how the kingdom of God – their vision for peace and wholeness – would be established. They wanted to bring life. Think of yourself, your relationships, your community, our world... We all want to bring life.

But then we fail. Brokenness remains. Like the disciples going to the tomb to mourn, we realize our vision for life, however well-intentioned, cannot sustain itself.

And like the first disciples, we need to realize that we don’t bring life. Jesus brings life. We can’t fabricate resurrection. Life isn’t about trying hard. The concrete defeat of sin, death, and evil comes not through brute strength or exercise of the will, but through the very gift of love that can only come from the creator of life to begin with.

Easter Sunday, then, is about recognizing life. The resurrection reality is that amidst all our own failing and flailing attempts to overcome sin and death ourselves, God is the One who overcomes. We don’t strive to create life in the world, we realize life already in the world.

Today, know this: we live in a resurrection reality.


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