Darkness and the "Good" of Friday

It is during these days of Holy Week that we recognize where “darkness reigns” in the story of Jesus, yes, but also in our world.

Holy Week, and Good Friday in particular, is a chance to reflect on our experience of darkness in our lives and in our world. And then we remember Jesus’ own journey to darkness – God with the full human experience of suffering. God walking this path of darkness we know oh so well…

We call it “Good” Friday not as a shallow acceptance of Jesus’ death on the cross and the benefits this brings – our typical use of “good” is not good enough in describing the reality of this day. In recognition that Jesus, in walking the path of darkness, takes on himself the fullness of death and sin and suffering, we reflect on a deeper good that reigns in the place of darkness. Lingering in the shadows of Friday, then, we already find glimmers of Sunday’s Light – belief that for once suffering is not in vain nor captive to the dark. This way of suffering – finally! – is the beginning of the end of suffering.

Good Friday indeed!


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