2012 - accepting unpredictability

Back to work after a refreshing Christmas/New Year vacation time with family has me in the usual New Year’s reflective mood. Call it productive procrastination!

As most bloggers are doing this week, such reflection involves looking at the past year on this blog. Here’s the top 5 posts of 2012:

1. gospel in culture and history
2. facing uncertainty
3. The Anabaptist Vision—Synchro Blog
4. S is for "Submission"
5. reading between the lines: Christianity and gender

It’s intriguing to look back at a year of posts and see what’s struck a chord with readers (or at least gotten more traffic). These results aren’t necessarily what I’d expect. My posts typically reflect the rhythm of my own faith journey in relation to the culture around me. Interest drives my writing, not statistical strategy. If anything, I realize that blogging, like much of life, takes on an unpredictability that is much more enjoyable if simply accepted instead of analyzed. All this to say, blog stats should never be taken too seriously!

So my blogging will go on in 2013, unpredictability and all. Thanks for reading and commenting and emailing and encouraging. Accepting unpredictability is much better shared with others!


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