put the giving back in thanks - #GivingTuesday

Today is American Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

Tomorrow is Black Friday.

Monday is Cyber Monday.

How quickly the pause for thanksgiving is followed by the frenzy of shopping!

I often bemoan our culture’s excessive spending - post-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping craziness only exasperates my frustration. While often a willing participant in excessiveness - most in N.A. are! - I find our cultural default to consume everything to excess troubling to say the least. And we can’t get away from it. As Skye Jethani observes about our culture in The Divine Commodity,
A century of manufacturing insatiable desires has created a culture of overindulgence; obesity sexual promiscuity, and skyrocketing consumer debt are just a few signs. Although lack of self-control has always plagued humanity, for the first time in history an economic system has been created that relies on it.
Too much turkey isn’t the only problem of overindulgence around the holidays!

Even while I’m guilty of perpetuating this culture along with everyone else, I don’t want to give in completely. To remain ignorant of our excessive consumption or to resign ourselves to it as simply “the times we live in,” denies our own freedom to live better.

A new movement, #GivingTuesday, offers such a way, even if just a start.

The craziness of shopping this weekend isn’t going away anytime soon. Yes, that’s frustrating, but true. #GivingTuesday offers an alternative in the midst of the problem, hopefully helping us realize that thanks really should lead to giving.


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