Happy? Halloween!

I’m not a big fan of Halloween. It’s not that I have deep convictions against it. Mostly it’s the growing industry around Halloween that seems so absurd and wasteful. And yes, as a parent and a Christian, the emphasis on the dark side of the spiritual realm makes me more than a little uncomfortable.

But maybe I’m just a scrooge (or the Halloween equivalent!) when it comes to Halloween.

As I continue to process this bizarre day in our cultural calendar, I’m reminded of a few thought-provoking Halloween posts that have tempered my crankiness:

Richard Beck has a whole host of Halloween-related posts. With “In Defense of Halloween” he offers this helpful reminder:
The night isn’t demonic, it’s just mysterious and, as a consequence, spooky. And it is good at times to confront the spookiness to see that there really isn’t a monster in your closet.
And then singer-songwriter, Steve Bell, traces some Halloween history and weighs in with a challenge for Christians to engage the world around us - "Keeping Christ in Halloween":
It seems to me that we could  be out participating in the wider culture;  joyfully, cheerfully, confidently handing out ‘sweets’ in the various cultural arenas: politics, arts, education, science, festivals etc.  We need not do this in the defensive, combative spirit we’ve become famous for, but with a caring neighborliness befitting the character of the Christ whom we worship.
Happy? Halloween!


Ryan said...

Love both of these posts, Dave—thanks for sharing.

And I share your distaste for Halloween. I thought about writing a grouchy "why I hate Halloween" post today but thought better of it. I will put on a happy face and grimly accompany my children out on their idolatrous pursuit of candy tonight...

David Warkentin said...

Ah, come on Ryan, I look forward to your grouchy holiday posts! ;-)

AndrewE. said...

I likewise do not have deep convictions against it... but I still call it SHalloween!

David Warkentin said...

Hey Andrew, yes, I suppose "shallow" could be applied to many of our fun cultural traditions.

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