weekly clips: N.T. Wright on sin, self, and Jesus

I’m starting something new on the blog, “weekly clips” - an ongoing series of posts of video clips that have caught my attention. I may come up with a better name, but so far everything is pretty cheesy (e.g. "reel thoughts" or "considered on tape"[a spin of "caught on tape"]). We'll see...

Now, I realize video clips don’t always translate well to regular blogging - they take time to watch and at times I feel a need to offer commentary or explanation. Yet I have a growing list of good clips I’ve seen that are worth sharing. I figure a regular post where I just post the clip by itself may overcome the problems associated with videos in my regular posts.

So, on most weekends I’ll post an interesting, meaningful, or funny video to consider. Here goes...

Considered on tape: N.T. Wright on sin, self, and Jesus


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