What comes to mind with the phrase, “Christian art”? Especially contemporary Christian art.

Be honest.

Or, what do you think of this picture?In my experience, whether it’s pictures, paintings, music, or movies, modern Christian art can more often than not be summarized as mediocre art with an explicit Christian message. Or more plainly, CHRISTIAN art. Somehow, for the message to clear enough the medium needs to be less-than-enough. We wouldn’t want good art to distract from the message after all!

Well, as one who tends to communicate with the aid of images and artwork, and who most often speaks to Christian themes and idea, I find this state of Christian art very frustrating.

But that’s changing...

There are some artists creatively exploring how to make good Christian art, without accepting mediocrity as an option. Instead of starting with the Christian message artists attempt to creatively reflect, embody, and translate the Christian message in a variety of different ways. For example, I find this picture (right) far more truthful of Jesus and the cross - called “Passion” by Chidi Okoye - than the one above.

So here’s a few places I’ve recently come across that give access to good quality Christian ART:

Please share more if you have other sources...


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