"getting off the bandwagon"

Today I point you to an article I've written for the MB Herald: "Getting Off the Bandwagon: The Missional Church as Paradigm - Not Trendy Program". Here's an excerpt:

What exactly is the missional church? Is it about tweaking ministry programs? Is it simply a more tasteful synonym for evangelism in our sensitive post-Christian, anti-evangelical culture? Is it a fad? Is it being on a mission, not just doing missions? Google “missional” and you realize just how diverse the concept really is.

Have we become too comfortable and familiar with the term “missional” without actually adopting the overall concept? Or, put more plainly, are we as good at being missional as we are talking about being missional?


My basic intention behind the article is for Christians to be intentional in all that we do. We need to know what we say (e.g. "Missional") and know why we say it - lest our words and actions just become a random collection of incoherent attempts of following Jesus.


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