Purpose Driven Anabaptists?

My last post queried, "Anabaptist Empire?"

Well, after reading an article on mega-church pastor Rick Warren and Anabaptism, I'm now wondering this: Purpose-Driven Anabaptists?
Renowned evangelical pastor and author Rick Warren recently said Anabaptism has shaped him, his books and his 20,000-member church in Southern California.

“For 32 years, we have been building Saddleback Church on the lessons I’ve learned from the Anabaptists,” he said at a conference on “Anabaptism and Contemporary Baptists” Jan. 30-31 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

I'm not sure if this development in the popularity of Anabaptism is encouraging or discouraging. Maybe Warren's next book will be Purpose-Driven Anabaptism. Does popularity of a radical movement cheapen or deepen Anabaptist beliefs and values in a culture so at odds with things like community-discipleship and and peace/non-violence?


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