what is missional?

What is missional?

It's a term bandied about with regularity in evangelical church circles. Missional has become a bit of buzz word if you or your church want to ensure you are "with the times" when it comes to being faithful Christians. But again, what is missional?

Is missional a new set of programs? Is it a synonym for evangelism, but more tasteful in our sensitive post-Christian (and anti-evangelical) culture? Is it a fad to sell more books? Is it being on a mission, not just doing missions? Google the word and you realize pretty quickly just how diverse this whole missional concept really is.

Would someone clear up the confusion!?!

Well, hopefully it's Michael Frost. I just received his latest book that looks to clear the whole missional discussion up. The Road to Missional sets out to do the following:
It has recently become acceptable, and even fashionable, to refer to one's church as "missional." But many churches misunderstand the concept, thinking of "going missional" as simply being a necessary add-on to church-as-usual. This domestication of what is actually a very bold paradigm shift makes missional nothing more than one more trick to see church growth.

With a light hand and a pastoral spirit, Michael Frost points out how church practitioners are not quite there yet. He reestablishes the ground rules, redefines the terms accurately, and insists that the true prophetic essence of "being missional" comes through undiluted. This clear corrective will take ministry leaders from "not missional yet" to well on their way.
I look forward to reading it and will share more in the weeks to come.

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Kurt Willems said...

Sounds promising. I really like Christopher JH Wright's exploration of this term in "The Mission of God."

David Warkentin said...

Frost's book is nothing fancy, but I think that's what's needed to clear up all the confusion around the term. I haven't read Wright's book, but from snippets I've seen, I think I'd appreciate his perspective.

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