story sense

As I continue to adjust to life with a newborn, I'll keep sharing some of the meaningful quotes/ideas I encounter as I work up energy/motivation/inspiration for more original blog posts.

And so, consider this:

Churches are not franchises to be reproduced as exactly as possible wherever and whenever—in Rome and Moscow and London and Baltimore—the only thing changed being the translation of the menu.

But if we don’t acquire a narrative sense, a story sense, with the expectation that we are each one of us uniquely ourselves—participants in the unique place and time and weather of where we live and worship—we will always be looking somewhere else or to a different century for a model by which we can be an authentic and biblical church. The usefulness of Acts as a story, and not a prescription or admonition, is that it keeps us faithful to the plot, Jesus, and at the same time free to respond out of our own circumstances and obedience.
(Eugene Peterson, The Pastor, 119)

In a time when churches continue chasing after relevance, success, and popularity, these are wise words from a wise pastor.


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