If the Bible was still being written...response

Here my response to my previous post, “If the Bible was still being written...”

Much more could be said on each of these ideas/situations, but I throw them out for your consideration:

Greatest commandment: We can never get enough of this one if you ask me! Loving God and loving neighbor should push each one of us wherever we find ourselves. Perhaps some of Mother Theresa’s story, as suggested, would be appropriate.

Letters to unknown Christians: My initial thought was that the Bible would address popular Christians. You know, those with the most influence to make a difference or those models of success so often praised (e.g. megachurches, popular writers, etc...). And they might be included (although not necessarily in positive light). Instead, I’m thinking of those Christians toiling in the trenches of society, being ‘salt and light’, not looking for the spotlight. The shelter volunteer. The high school teacher. The church nursery worker. The roofer. They need encouragement!

Challenging modern day Pharisees: I need to be careful with this one (maybe I’m one of them!). Jesus’ harshest teaching was reserved for the religious majority, the ones leading and shaping the religious culture of the day. And he wasn’t impressed. I wonder if much of the labeling and conflict in North American evangelicalism wouldn’t be the topic of a warning or two, to which people on all sides of whatever spectrum is created receive more than just a light slap on the wrist for their behavior? I’m thinking a contemporary 1 John here.

Encouraging the persecuted church: I live in Canada. I don’t experience persecution for my faith - and I don’t dare pretend the minor challenges to my faith in a post-Christian culture equate to persecution in the Biblical sense. There are people around the world who are disowned by their families and even die for their decision to place Jesus as Lord. Christians in Iran, China, parts of Africa live in constant danger. They need to be encouraged to persevere.

Money: Need I say more?

Care for the “least of these”: Likely specific people and places came the minds of Jesus’ audience when he taught this. The same should be true for us. The person living in the cardboard shack. The socially awkward coworker. The gang member. Your alcoholic neighbor. You get the point...

Prayer and song:
A modern day book of psalms would be great, no!?!

Faithfulness in a culture of religious freedom: This one is primarily addressed to Christians in the developed world. The early church in the New Testament lived in constant odds with their society, not just spiritually, but politically. Not the case for many of us. We are free to practice our faith to our hearts content, so long as it doesn’t intrude too much. Here are a few areas I think need addressing:
-the church in suburbia
-the church in the city
-the church who’s trying to be culturally relevant
-the church who’s trying to be culturally pleasing
-the church and democratic government
-leadership in the church
There you go. This list is far from exhaustive, I know. Feel free to add more!


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