the forgotten airshow

This past weekend was the Abbotsford Airshow (in the town I grew up). I have great childhood memories of the event. I saw the Blackbird fly and the annual aerobatics of the Snowbirds directly over our house were a special treat. It was exciting every time.

As I grew up, however, my airshow appreciation waned, particularly as I became aware of the history of violence and what the evolution of the airplane has done for modern warfare. To be sure, I still marvel at the sights and sounds of an F-18 screaming through the sky. The airshow remains an amazing spectacle. But I'm hesitant to celebrate it. I’m no longer an innocent child in awe. I live in a globally connected world where I know that one jet’s show in Abbotsford is paralleled by another jet’s reality in war-torn regions of our globe.

But not all is lamentable in the world of aerospace. I got a letter this week highlighting the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and their response to the drought and food crisis in Northeast Africa. I also have family connections to MAF. The organization has planes and pilots around the world and specializes in bringing supplies to isolated and impoverished areas. But we don’t hear much about them. They fly small planes (not jets) that are relatively quiet and uninspiring from an aviation-fan perspective. You don't go to an airshow to see a small Cessna!

Yet for a starving child in Africa, seeing a small MAF plane circle and land must be the airshow of a lifetime!

This is the forgotten airshow - the type of airshow our world so desperately needs.

Go here to support the work of MAF in their African relief efforts.


Trace said...


Thanks for your amazing blog post about the forgotten airshow about I am blessed to work with this organization and I love reading inspiring blogs like yours.

David Warkentin said...


I find the work of organizations like MAF to be the real inspiration - glad my words struck a chord!

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