blogs to consider

While I'm vacationing for a few weeks, I've decided to post a set of recommendations for blogs I regularly read and highly recommend (in no particular order).

#1: Rumblings - Hope, Humour, and Other Eschatological Goodies

I’m Ryan Dueck—a husband, father, pastor, blogger, student, and follower of Jesus Christ. I began blogging in 2007 while a graduate student as one way of “unstopping” my ears in response to the God whose “thunder” is unmanageable and unpredictable, but which also responds to the most profound human needs for meaning, acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption. I write about a variety of things here, often related to faith, philosophy, culture, church, etc. Mostly, though, my writing here is simply an exercise in remaining open—open to the God who does speak, in strange, unexpected, mysterious, even puzzling and obscure ways, to be sure, but also in ways more beautiful and challenging and hopeful than we could expect or imagine.


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