blogs to consider III

While I'm vacationing for a few weeks, I've decided to post a set of recommendations for blogs I regularly read and highly recommend (in no particular order).

#3 The Pangea Blog

I (Kurt) served as a youth pastor and in adult ministries for a total of seven years. Currently, I am discerning a possible call to plant a church in the Northwest (2012) and have gone back to school full time to finish a Masters of Divinity at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. For the past couple of years I have been active in the ministry of blogging, which began as a hobby for getting my thoughts ‘out there.’ Now, I am in frequent contact with my readers. They send me questions, ideas, prayer requests, and continue to challenge me to dream about the Kingdom of God. There are lots of good Christian folks who are hungry for a faith that stretches beyond the status quo and it seems that for the moment, God has given me a platform to minister to such Christ-followers (and even some skeptics). If I would have to label myself (which I am hesitant to do), I would probably say that I am an Anabaptist, lower-case evangelical, fairly charismatic, sometimes contemplative, follower of Jesus. I am passionate about theology, spirituality, social justice, creation care, ethics, ministry, and leaving behind the right answers.


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