I couldn't help but share a few quote highlights from this past week:

On art and Christianity:

“I’m convinced that bad art derives, like bad literary theory, from bad theology. To know God falsely is to write and paint and sculpt and cook and dance Him falsely. Perhaps it’s not poor artistic skill that yields bad Christian art, in other words, but poor Christianity.”
(Tony Woodlief via Experimental Theology)

On Jacob and God's love:

“...even for a dyed-in-the-wool, double-barreled con artist like Jacob there are few things in this world you can’t get but can only be given, and one of these things is love in general, and another is the love of God in particular...God doesn’t love people because of who they are but because of who he is.” (Frederick Buechner, “Jacob” in Peculiar Treasures)

On doubting Christian leadership:

"[the disciples] doubted Jesus’ authority, or at least his good judgment, in commissioning a rag-tag group of losers like them to, 'Go…make disciples….baptizing…teaching….'" (Will Willimon at A Peculiar Prophet)

On technique and parenting:

“We live in a technique society. On any topics from growing flowers to creating scrumptious gourmet dishes to raising children we can find a hundred and one how-to formulas which promise that the right technique will produce beautiful flowers, succulent meals, and perfect children. This may work for flowers and gourmet dishes, but children and parenting are more complex than that.” (Balswick's, The Family)


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