canucks - a lesson in history

In case you didn’t know, the Vancouver Canucks are in the NHL’s Stanley Cup final. Growing up in the greater Vancouver area, naturally, I’m a huge fan. People across Canada sometimes struggle to understand Canucks fans. We are a strange mix of sporadic emotion, boisterous cheers and deafening boos (often of our own team!). With Canucks’ success, the bandwagon is full, but with trial or loss, complaints abound. People think we’re arrogant and whiny. But if you look at history, you just need to realize, we’re simply starved for success. For a great take on the dynamic Linkbetween Canada and Canucks fans, watch this video - "History of the Canucks"

40 years - 2 trips to the final - 0 Stanley Cups. These 40 years have seen periods of terribly low-expectations met or at times exceeded (e.g. 1982), and many examples of high-expectations never met. Essentially, it’s been like this: the greater the disappointment, the greater elation with success. 3 victories from the 2011 Stanley Cup, I’m hesitantly confident. If the Canucks win, I’ll be elated.

But let’s say the Canucks had already won several championships. Or never traded Cam Neely or Trevor Linden. Or never acquired Mark Messier. Let’s say Pavel Bure became a team-player and stuck around. Who knows what could have happened...

I do know, however, that our response now would be different. You see, history matters. Our culture loves to live in the moment - carpe diem, right!?! But if we forget history, moments of victory or meaning lose significance. It’s part of being human. Who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow, is shaped by our past.

I’m a life-long Canucks fan, I should know.


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