summer school!?! Or, why you need to take an edu-vacation at Regent College

No doubt the thought of summer school is far from positive for you. Memories of forced confinement in the heat of summer for past academic negligence likely makes the idea of choosing summer school ridiculous. Been there, done that!

Well, I urge you to reconsider. In particular, consider Regent College summer school.
But that’s for pastors, you say?

Well, if you know me personally, I can see how you’d think that. Isn’t Regent College a seminary with the purpose of training Christian leaders for “The Ministry.” In many ways, that’s what it was for me. But that’s only a small part.

Regent College - a Christian graduate school (not a seminary) - began in the 1960’s with the specific intent to give all people a chance at Christian theological education. As their mission states,
Continuing the vision of its founders, Regent takes seriously the education, nurturing and equipping of the laity—the whole people of God—to live and work as servant leaders in vocations within the home, the marketplace, and the church.
Regent’s summer program offers a variety of courses intended to address the intersection of faith and life. Perhaps you’re in business - why not sit in on “Business as Mission: Engaging with Christian Social Enterprise.” Or for you green-thumbs, how about “Gardening the City of God”? For sports enthusiasts, “Grace and Play: Christianity and the Meaning of Sport” may peak your interest. Or consider a course on the Psalms with renowned OT scholar, Bruce Waltke. And the list goes on. Here’s your chance to redefine your image of summer school!

So, even if you aren’t a pastor - no, especially if you aren’t a pastor! - why not consider taking a course from Regent College this summer? Instead of a staycation, consider an edu-vacation!

And I promise, it will be far from the forced confinement of your youth!

(If I’m wrong - which I won't be - I’ll apologize by taking you to Grounds for Coffee near UBC for one of their amazing cinnamon buns. I promise, it will make up for any wrongdoing on my part :-)


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