it's that time of year again!!!

I mentioned a few weeks back how our culture has it’s own sort of liturgy. Basically, liturgy refers to public ritual, typically associated with religious worship. “Cultural liturgy,” then, refers to those public rituals that command the attention of our culture at various points throughout the year.

Well, for many, today marks a high point in Canada’s cultural liturgy. The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs! For Vancouverites, the first public gathering - dare I say "worship" - takes place tonight when the Canucks take on the Blackhawks to open up round 1. As Canucks fans we have been waiting a whole year for another chance to beat Chicago. The excitement is palpable.

I can’t wait!

And speaking of liturgical calendars, this Sunday is Palm Sunday too. Oh, and game 3 starts at 5pm PST, so you shouldn’t have a scheduling conflict.

Hmm, wait a second...

Perhaps it’s time to pause and reflect on my reaction to these two liturgies in my life. Which one commands greater attention!?! Puts things in perspective, that’s for sure.


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