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Like many “contemporary” evangelical churches, mine doesn’t hold rigidly to the Christian liturgical calendar. For us, while Christmas and Easter are primary events we recognize annually, much of the rest of our corporate time together is planned on our own. This approach gives us freedom to address important topics of faith in the life of our church and study whole books of the Bible together. For the most part, this flexibility allows us to focus together on what God calls us to specifically as a congregation.

One problem (there are others too): we tend to miss out on many other important parts of the Christian calendar.

Case in point: epiphany.

Epiphany is the two-month period between Christmas and Lent, focusing on the life and teaching of Jesus. As the Christian Seasons Calendar explains, “epiphany (to make manifest) reveals Jesus’ divine mission to the nations in his adoration by the magi, his baptism, his ministry and his call to follow as disciples.” In this time, we are led to consider the significance of how Jesus - “Emmanuel” (God with us) - immerses himself into the world, into human experience. So often our celebration of Christmas ends abruptly with the dawn of the new year. In what is often the doldrums of January, hope, love, joy and peace get replaced with depression, anxiety, or just plain boredom. Epiphany reminds us this shift shouldn’t be. The significance of Christmas only matters because of its lasting effects - God’s manifestation in the life of Jesus - epiphany! The story goes on...

Neon Nights

Splashing through darkness
dazzling eyes with threat

of epileptic seizure.

Neon lights of every color

seducing crowds with promises

of soul-satisfying abundance.

Stumbling in darkness
a lone man gathering cardboard

hoping for just enough to survive another day.

Contrasts of dark and light

haves and have-nots
all searching, groping, longing

Artificial light
so bright, so colorful, so incapable
of scraping deception from our eyes

Driven by habit

the cycle continues

distraction our closest companion

Dimly burning wick
Mysterious breeze

combine to spark a flame

Glowing, warming, touching

hurts, hopes, hearts

True light bursts forth


by Andy Wade

I feel like I was late to the party, but I recently discovered the Christian Seasons Calendar, created by University Hill Congregation in Vancouver. Each month I’ll post the current image on the side bar. For a visual reminder of the Christian seasons, I highly recommend this calendar!


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