light of the world

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Darkness, the absence of light, the growing shadows at dusk, a blackness emerging, hiding all we see.

Darkness, a daily cycle transferred into human experience – fear, loneliness, despair, sickness, frustration, apathy, gloom, wickedness, questions, brokenness, misery…

Light absent in so many places. Darkness, too often without a dawn.
Darkness, that inescapable reality haunting us each day, confirmed each long night.

We live in a world of darkness. Darkness, at times, is all we know.
And we wonder: will life get better? Where is the light?

Yet hints of light infringe on darkness’s dominion. We’re told we’re “the light of the world,” which spurns us on to be bearers of light. We bring light into this dark world.

We care for one another. We listen, give, embrace, console, rescue. We answer questions, reveal meaning, share our love.

We think our light is enough. Where darkness remains, we’re encouraged to “get it together” or better yet, to “see the light.” But we get tired. Our light begins to fade, to burn out.
The light we offer is incomplete, partial, a dim reflection of a greater light, a broader light, a full light. THE light.

Amidst the prevailing darkness. Amidst our own clamouring to provide light. The unexpected occurs. The light doesn’t go out – “darkness has not overcome it.” This light grows.

“A light has dawned. The light shines in the darkness.”

This growing light is not a distant power like the sun millions of miles away. Nor is it a worldly power, aligned to influence from a position of cultural light. No, this light is profoundly simple – God’s light invades the corners of everyday darkness. A light shining first in a small village, in a dirty barn, in a farm animals’ manger. A light shining now in our small lives, in our hurting communities, in the messiness of human experience.

“Christmas is about Jesus Christ entering the darkness of every time and place (including ours), to bring light, healing, forgiveness, renewal and abundant life. Christmas is about Jesus coming into the darkness with God’s promise that some day all of creation will be bathed and illuminated and renewed by the healing light of God. May we receive and walk in that light today” (Dan Nighswander)

Christmas. The birth of Jesus. Emmanuel, God with us. The light of world has come…

God of glory, your splendor shines from a manger in Bethlehem, where the Light of the world is humbly born into the darkness of human night. Open our eyes to Christ's presence in the shadows of our lives and our world, so that we, like him, may become beacons of your love, God, we thank you tonight for being our light – for being the world’s light. Amen.


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