it's all in the family

Considering my busy week and lack of blogging-time, I thought I'd point out (brag about!) a few projects going on in my family:

GUITARO - JJ's Crystal Palace

GUITARO consists of Heather (my sister), Jer (bro-in-law) and Mark. Navigating the transition from Winnipeg to Vancouver (not to mention children!), this trio has displayed a persistent creativity that would make any younger brother proud. October saw the release of their album, JJ's Crystal Palace, ending an 8-year hiatus. This latest record combines compelling digital backgrounds (including percussion), with strong guitar/bass, topped with some real soothing male/female harmonies (check out "Blastok" - my favorite!). Their website describes it best:

On this second full-length release, GUITARO adds a bit of disco rock to the mix. Lush boy/girl harmonies, walls-of-guitar and '80s synth sensibilities crystalize to make this record shine.

Give it a listen here!

David Bergen - The Matter With Morris

David Bergen (my uncle) is incredibly diligent (and talented!). Working most of his adult life as a teacher, he chipped away at his writing skills, publishing short stories and eventually novels. In 2005 his diligence paid off (publicly anyway), and he was awarded the prestigious Giller Prize for The Time In Between. Well, his latest novel, The Matter With Morris, reveals his diligence remains - he's been nominated for a second Giller Prize. And while some may find the blatant honesty of his writing offensive, it's his ability to poignantly describe the reality of human struggle that I find so appealing. This review summarizes his writing well:

“Immaculately written, trenchantly honest, hugely compelling … For all its darkness, this novel about mourning and melancholy remains an optimistic book; in it, we are presented with some of the irresolvable ambiguities of human existence by a character who is twisted up inside, who at the same time successfully asks to be recognized as sombre and tender and wise.”

All this to say, way to go family!


Anonymous said...

All worth bragging about! Great song. -- And, had no idea David Bergen was your uncle, so now I'll play the Mennonite game and wonder how exactly! :)

David Warkentin said...

Yup, let the game begin!

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