peace is a choice (3)

It makes sense after my most recent post - peace isn't a position - that I offer another installment of "peace is a choice."

peace is a choice...

peace is a choice (2)

Here goes:

Learn forgiveness...remember the past, turn to the future.

You have probably heard the phrase "forgive and forget". But when you have been hurt really badly, it is not easy to forget what someone has done to you. Sometimes you really want to hurt them back. Forgiving is about letting go of the hurt and its power over you - a power that makes you want to get even or take revenge or even just keep feeling sorry for yourself. Forgiving is not about forgetting - it is about moving on. When you learn to forgive, you remember past hurt, but you turn to the future. God can give you the power to forgive others.

"And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us." Luke 11:4

Thoughts? Easier said than done? Right on? I think the quote only begins to touch on the psychological complexity that accompanies the challenge of forgiveness.

These "peace is a choice" excerpts are part of MCC BC's monthly newsletter.


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