refreshing wisdom

My Mennonite Brethren (MB) denomination requires all pastors new to the MB family to attend an orientation seminar, a chance to orient ourselves around MB history and theology as presented by several MB teachers. No longer a student, I found this return to the classroom an enriching experiencing, particularly as I was refreshed by the wisdom of these teachers. So here I offer a brief selection of memorable quotes - this refreshing wisdom:

Following Jesus isn't some nebulous concept can have feet. (Doug Heidebrecht)

Those who cannot remember the past will always repeat it...Forgetfulness leads to apostasy.
(Bruce Guenther)

Excesses of a small minority create the perceptions for the majority
. (Bruce Guenther)

And I can't help but share the vivid (and comical) description of 16th C. Anabaptism as containing "aberrations and other expressions of weirdness." (Bruce Guenther)

Somewhere between God and neighbour, God has placed us.
(Tim Geddert)

Apart from following the risen Jesus, what good news do we have to share? Following the risen Jesus, what good news we have to share!
(Tim Geddert)

Some of the most fundamental things we take for granted in the church are wonderful strategies; but they are strategies...We do things a certain way so often we think the Bible is telling us to do so... (Tim Geddert)

We don’t have to mimic the early church in the details. (Tim Geddert)

A sermon not worth hearing twice probably wasn’t worth hearing once. (Tim Geddert)

Busyness is the enemy of spirituality. (Richard Martens quoting of Eugene Peterson)


Shari said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I really enjoyed the article you wrote for the MB Herald a few months back. You're a gifted writer! Well done.

David Warkentin said...

Thanks for the encouragement Shari!

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