is it cool to be Anabaptist?

In light of my previous post on Brian McLaren and Anabaptism, I've asked the following question on my denomination's discussion forum:

As I reflect on the issue (McLaren and Anabaptism), it raises a broader question for our current evangelical culture: is it cool to be Anabaptist? While there is a move towards Reformed theology in the broader evangelical culture, it appears there is also a move towards Anabaptist theology, particularly with the emphasis on covenant community and the centrality of following Jesus in everyday life (as opposed to just believing in Jesus).

If this is the case, even partially, is a popularizing of Anabaptism a good thing? Or do we lament a loss of the counter-cultural identity that lies at the root of much of Anabaptist theology?

You can follow the discussion here.


Anonymous said...

A syllogism:

Premise 1. Dave is Anabaptist
Premise 2. Dave is cool
Conclusion: It is cool to be Anabaptist

Anonymous said...

I think it's popularlization is vastly overrated. But even so, if it's counter-cultural / counter-state identity is lost, has it been transmitted faithfully?

David Warkentin said...

Hey Matt, I think it may be overrated in the sense that people don't totally understand the implications of Anabaptist theology and instead throw around the language as it fits current trends (e.g. peacemaking).

Good question re. counter-cultural, although I worry that sometimes Anabaptist theology can be counter-cultural for that reason alone, which I think distracts from the real reason for being counter-cultural: allegiance to the Jesus and the kingdom of God.

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