"What’s it like being a young(er) pastor?”

As a young(er) pastor, I'm confronted with this question a fair bit, both verbally or implicit to comments/reactions people have when they find out my role in church. The topic of leadership in the church gets lots of attention. There's a whole industry dedicated to church leadership, pumping out book after book full of principles and strategies related to Christian leadership. Do I sound a bit cynical? Ok, maybe a bit, but this month I've decided to join the fray of writing on the topic, so know the topic does interest me. I've written an article for my denominational magazine, the MB Herald, titled, "Lone rangers need not apply: reflections on leadership from the next generation."

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the Christian leadership industry, but I believe leadership is as relevant as ever for the future of the church. How we do leadership, however, will be critical to this future. Here's a few quotes from my article:

What happens if I and many other new leaders don’t fit the stereotype? Is there really a church leadership crisis? Or is church leadership simply changing?

I believe leadership has and will remain a vital part of God’s people living faithfully in the world, but in a diversity of forms and individuals.

A friend recently reflected on her church experience and these words from Paul, and described the community of faith as simply “living life together.” The phrase implies a need for church leadership to focus on collaboration – a return to our Anabaptist roots as a covenant community.

Leadership is an exciting and daunting journey. But as I experience the collaborative faithfulness of the people of God, I have hope for the church and the future of Christian leadership.


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