broadening my cyber-community

One of the things about being part of the blogosphere - this vast community personal websites - is the ongoing game of networking. So, following in the footsteps of many before, in this post I tip my hat to a few of my attempts at broadening my cyber-community.

1. High Calling Blogs: this is network of bloggers exploring the intersection of faith and everyday life. A big fear for me in studying theology and being a pastor is that my understanding of faith will become irrelevant or at least relegated to the margins of everyday life - that somehow my theology would become a lofty intellectualism as opposed to an everyday reality I live with. Well, High Calling Blogs is an attempt to connect people with a similar concern - a gathering of people "interested in thinking through the intersection of faith and work." I hope this network can help keep my theology - and this blog! - ground in the reality of everyday experience.

2. Booksneeze: I like free stuff! And well, Booksneeze "gives away free books in exchange for an honest review." So far I've only reviewed one book for them, but I've got another in the mail.

3. Facebook: Just kidding, because everyone's already on Facebook, right!?!


Len Hjalmarson said...

Great article in the Herald David. The emphasis on collaboration and context are important. Good thoughts also on mutual mentoring.. I love some of the work Earl Creps has done on this.

David Warkentin said...

Hey, thanks Len! I think the idea of mutual mentoring can allow us younger leaders have a voice and influence, instead of feeling like pawns of the institution.

Creps' book, "Reverse Mentoring" looks interesting.

Cheryl said...


If you haven't already, you'll find High Calling Blogs to be a great network of like minded bloggers. It's great to have you on board!

Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze is a great way to introduce your community to new books. I've taken advantage of a few of those myself. ;-)

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