now what?

I'm realizing after Easter, I have a kind of "now what?" feeling towards life. Maybe it's just a pastor thing, as so much energy went into orchestrating our Passion week church gatherings. But I think it goes deeper than that. I think there's theological basis for how our celebration of Jesus' resurrection demands the question, "now what?" If Jesus really didn't conquer sin, death, and evil, well, then what happens in my life? How is that victory realized? Or, and perhaps the most difficult, what about the fact that so much of life and the world doesn't reflect the hope that Jesus' resurrection points us toward? I realize there are no clean or easy answers to the "what now?" of Easter. I do know, however, that if I do indeed believe Jesus rose victorious from the grave, then life as we know it is changed somehow. How we live must reflect the reality of the resurrection.

This week I encountered several instances of others working through the "now what?" of Easter in one way or another. All of them offer insight and challenge into how we explore the everyday implications of the resurrection. Here they are in no particular order:

Rumblings - "Garbage and Flowers: A Post-Easter Reflection" - Here Ryan grapples with the collision of a hope Christians find so meaningful with the reality of the unrealized hopes - "garbage" of our lives. Add to that some reflection around the place of Easter in secular culture and I think Ryan points to some critical aspects and challenges we're faced in exploring the "now what?" of Easter.

Experimental Theology - "Why Easter Resists Commercialization" - I've always wondered what the title explores - why does Easter take such a back seat in our secular culture to other religious holidays, especially Christmas? Quoting an article, this post by Richard Beck offers good insight into why Easter is "less amenable to Hallmarkification" than other religious holidays.

Intersect - "Hope, presumption or Despair: How do we shape the narrative of our lives?" - I wanted to welcome my good friend, Phil Rushton, to the blogosphere by offering a brief comment here. Phil offers some provoking thoughts around how we can avoid the extremes of presumptive optimism and despairing pessimism, choosing instead to form our lives around the hopeful narrative that Easter offers. Glad to see Phil sharing his thoughts with us blogging folks!

John Stackhouse Interview - In a TV interview, John Stackhouse offers a candid and concise summary for the importance of the resurrection historically (this is the second of two parts to the interview).


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