taste of heaven

This morning I'm in for a mini reunion of sorts. And while I'm excited for the time I get to spend with my close friends J and Ryan, whom I studied with at Regent College , I'll admit, I'm equally anticipating the renewal of another acquaintance - cinnamon buns at Grounds for Coffee in Vancouver.

While studying at Regent these cinnamon buns became a weekly ritual of doughy bliss. Using a term from my theology professor, John Stackhouse, these cinnamon buns are "eschatological goodies" - a foretaste of our hope that one day God will make everything right. When I eat a Grounds for Coffee cinnamon bun, for a brief moment (very brief!), all seems right with the world. It's a hopeful experience!

I can't wait for this taste of heaven!


Anonymous said...

Man I miss those cinnamon buns!

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