"stretch our imaginations"

I wanted to share the Lent reading for today from the MB Seminary's Lent Devotional.

"Praise the God of Justice - Psalm 146" (Michelle Ferguson, March 16, 2010)

The LORD reigns forever,
your God, O Zion, for all generations.
Praise the LORD. (Ps. 146:10)

Today we encounter another song of praise from Israel’s prayer book. It speaks hope as it voices the prophetic imagination repeated throughout the biblical narrative. Hannah sang these words as she dedicated Samuel to the LORD’s service. Isaiah proclaimed these words envisioning the end of exile and the reestablishment of God’s kingdom. Jesus preached these words as being fulfilled by him.

Our God has done great things and in him we place our trust. God is the Creator who brought fullness and order to what was empty and void; God is also the King who brings justice on the earth he has made. Our faithful response is to “praise the LORD!” We do so with our lips and our lives as we sing these words and participate in their realization. When we pray with the psalmist, “The LORD will reign forever,” we invite God’s reign among us so that his vision for creation might come to fruition in and through us.

During the Lenten season we walk with Jesus for forty days in the wilderness, preparing for the mission to which we are called. That mission is one characterized by the vision of our psalm—justice for the oppressed, food to the hungry, liberation for the prisoners, sight to the blind, exaltation of the lowly, protection for the foreigner, home for the orphan and widow. During this time of preparation, can we stretch our imaginations toward this prophetic vision in new ways?

As I reflect on my thoughts from yesterday on spiritual disciplines, I like the idea of our devotion - "Praise the Lord" - helping us "participate" and "stretch our imaginations" toward God's reign in the world.


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