what's the point? - worship and care

If all we do in church is supposed to be centered on loving God and loving others as I suggest, what does this mean for our church programs – the things we are “doing” that make us so busy?

First off, what are we doing that falls specifically under the “loving God” part?

Worship - Ok, if there’s one area of church life that I’m tired of, it’s the discussion over worship “style.” It’s become too easy to define our worship gatherings around personal preference, not whether we’re faithfully loving God with our whole selves as specific churches in particular places. We all think we’ve got worship right… Unfortunately, people get distracted by the format and forget why they worship in the first place. Worship throughout the Bible is both a personal approach to life in commitment to God as well as a corporate gathering to remind the community of faith of their identity as the people of God. By reminding us of who we are, worship acts to call us towards greater faithfulness in loving God and loving others. Worship format, therefore, should always serve this purpose… And I’ll admit, this means the door is open for creativity as we gather to be reminded of who we are as the people of God.

Care for one another - I think how we relate to one another in the church is part of the loving God part. We help remind each other who we are as followers of Jesus within the people of God. Now, lots of programs in churches are often geared towards the church itself (e.g. Sunday school, care groups, social events, board meetings, prayer chains, etc…). I think this is a good thing, qualified of course with the assumption that all our programs – all our busyness – intends to encourage the church community towards more faithfully loving God and loving others. In doing all of these things, then, we are not merely making life complicated amidst an already hectic society. No, we’re following the admonition of Paul to “encourage one another” in our faith (1 Thess 5:11). Being part of a faith community is about sharing our lives with others, realizing that God has created us to need one another.

Next up - loving our neighbor.


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