oh how time flies…

Well, I’m officially the father of a one-year-old - my little fella Landon. It’s hard to believe how much life has changed in the last year (for all three of us). We’re so thankful to experience this year of transitions with our awesome son. I’d do anything for the little guy (well, not so little, but you know what I mean;)!!!

Happy Birthday Landon!

One day old...

Merry Christmas!

Distinguished 6-month-old.

Summer with Dad!

The "I can't believe I'm one" look.


Naomi said...

It was great to see you guys last weekend and see how much Landon has grown. Happy Birthday Landon! He is such a happy guy, we had lots of fun with him!!!

David Warkentin said...

Yeah, we had a great time too!

Landon says "aveujn 93ubv masa894 aj" (thanks for the b'day wishes!).

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