fresh start in a time of transitions

Well, since I last participated in the blogosphere my life has been full of transitions. So this return to blogging is a sort of fresh start – new look, new name, new blog posts (I mean it this time!).

I’ll begin with a summary of my recent transitions.

Graduation - In April, I officially graduated from Regent College with a Master of Christian Studies in "Christianity and Culture." And while I had completed all my work in Sep. '08, I still found it meaningful to officially celebrate the accomplishment.

Job - Around the time I graduated I accepted the position of associate pastor at Hyde CreekCommunity Church , in Port Coquitlam, B.C. While I'm saddened to leave my roofing career (I'm serious, I will miss it greatly!), I'm excited to be able to join a community of faith in a pastoral role and work with a local church towards faithfully representing God's kingdom in the world. Besides general duties involved with any pastoral position, the main focus I will have is on "community impact." This basically means I will be helping the church find appropriate ways in which they can make a meaningful contribution in the world, both in the neighborhoods everyone lives in and in the church's backyard. Less about program and more about people, I’m excited to be a part of church looks beyond its own walls and seriously engages its task to tangibly represent God’s kingdom.

Home - With this new job has been another transition: moving! After scouring the market north of the Fraser, we were able to find a home in West Maple Ridge, a short drive to the church in PoCo and with great access to the rest of the Lower Mainland via the Golden Ears Bridge. And while we’re still adjusting to our new home and town, we’re enjoying our exploration of the new communities we are in and getting to know the people we’ll be sharing our lives with in the years to come.

And so as I transition into my role as a pastor and Julie and I settle into both a new community and church, I intend to revive my blogging. It’s here that I will offer my thoughts, inviting you to consider my ideas around faith, community and culture.


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