I'm Back!!!

Well, being a new year and all, I figured my it was high time my blogging hiatus came to an end after a much needed break from all things (well, almost all) related to my own writing.

I’ll begin by surveying the past year, a year highlighted by significant change on many levels.

By far the most significant change was my entrance into fatherhood. The presence Landon Jacob, born September 26, has quite simply epitomized what it means for my life to be lived in the service of others, none more important than him. I consider it a blessing to orient my energy towards seeking the well-being of my son, making the necessary sacrifices seem anything but a forfeit of my freedom. I love it!

Another major milestone has been the completion of my MCS (Mastor of Christian Studies) degree from Regent College, completed a mere 3 weeks before Landon’s birth with the submission (and subsequent passing approval) of my thesis project.

The completion of my degree has opened up a new stage of life for Julie and I (& Landon) – namely, for the first time in our 5 years of marriage, I am no longer a student. Julie’s support and patience on this long journey has pushed and challenged me to attain my goals. This joint accomplishment led us to celebrate this milestone with a trip to Italy and Greece – memories we will never forget! And while Julie made student-life more than manageable for me, she is the first to admit we are more than ready for the tables to turn and for me to start earning a few dollars as well.

And so I am now the most educated roofer in the Lower Mainland! No, I am not joking. And I really enjoy it (as long as there is no snow!). It’s allowed me the chance to have free time to spend with Julie and Landon and given me a much needed rest after several years enduring the pressures of academia. But I will admit I have goals that include more than providing roofs over people’s heads. And so I have officially (patiently albeit) entered the pastor job market, in search of an associate pastor position. I’ll keep you posted…

So here I am. It’s hard to imagine 2009 topping 2008 in the milestone category, but perhaps that’s a good thing as I look forward to life’s somewhat slower pace. Reading novels, listening to new music, watching sports for fun (instead of procrastination) and most importantly, being with my family tops my list of what I’m looking forward to.

Along the way, I plan to update my blog more regularly as a way of processing these experiences and any other interesting subjects I am wandering about… I may even update the look of my blog... And so, today I officially reenter blogosphere: I’m back!


Ryan said...

Good to hear from you again Dave! Look forward to seeing how things unfold for you in the coming year.

Peter Thurley said...


Congrats on both the birth of your sion and your successful graduation from Regent. I wish you all the best in the future.

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