Six Random Facts About Me

Ok, after a considerable hiatus from the bloggersphere, Ryan has pricked my cyber-conscience, and lest I get plagued by a virus that erases my nearly completed thesis (by the end of August!?!), I figured I should comply and offer six random facts about me.

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Here goes:

1. I have never owned my own car. Our present wheels (a hip 98’ Cavalier) came with Julie as a part of her dowry ;)

2. I enjoy eating the cartilage off of chicken bones (no, I don’t suck the morrow!). Ever since my Grandpa Warkentin used to collect everyone’s chicken bones and crunch away at the head of the table, I have been inspired to do likewise in honor of his influence in my life.

3. My favorite band is R.E.M.

4. I’ve had a hole in one golfing and, yes, there were witnesses of my 104-yard shot of a lifetime

5. I’m left handed. Here’s some important information that has changed how I view my special status: “Everyone’s born right handed, but only few overcome it.”

6. I am going to be dad! Julie is due September 14 and we can’t wait to embark on this exciting phase of life. I am most looking forward Sunday afternoons together, raising him/her with a passion for exciting sports such as golf, curling, and tennis (ok, maybe some football too).

I tag: Lisa, Peter, Tim, Shannon, Vicky, and Naomi