Wandering Italy and Greece

We returned from our three week tour of Italy and Greece, a holiday Julie refers to as our “babymoon” as it was our big trip before adding to our family in September.

We had such a great time touring around Italy enjoying all the history in the form of art and architecture, and just when we were toured-out, we got to go relax on the beaches of the Greek Islands. Oh, and we did a whirlwind 4-hour walk of central London on our stopover on the way home. Here are some picks that follow our journey (this is just a minor sampling):


Me on the roof of the main church in Milan

A creepy statue of a guy wearing his skin as a robe


The Grand Canal

Me in the Venice rain

Our main mode of transportation


Julie enjoying some gelato

The replica David, as the real one is inside and you can't photo it

My kind of truck!

Cinque Terre

Our 5th anniversary dinner

My favorite meal of the whole trip (black and white spaghetti with clams)

The views of the villages are amazing

St. Francis and his dog


Trevi fountain at night

Julie and the Coliseum

The bowels of the Coliseum

A bunch of old stuff

Inside the Pantheon

A dome in the Vatican

A ceiling in the Vatican

St. Peter's Basilica

Santorini, Greece

Julie and the view (this whole island is lava rock from a volcano across the bay)

Our island transport

Red Rock Beach

Architectural creativity is unreal

Paros, Greece

Julie loving the beach

My beautiful wife - my favorite picture of the holiday


Julie and the view from the Acropolis

Parthenon at sunset

Acropolis at night


Julie at the gates of Buckingham Palace

The two happy tourists with Big Ben and the parliament in the background

Westminster Abby at sunset


Naomi said...

Welcome home travelers. I am jealous, so very jealous. Can't wait to hear about it in person and see the rest of the pictures.

Paros Shepherd said...

Yes, some great photos of an excellent journey.
The beach on Paros looks like the one in front of my house, Piso Aliki?


dwark said...

Piso Aliki sounds right, but we went to so many beaches in Paros, it's hard to keep track!

That must be quite the place to live!

Peter Thurley said...

Shandi and I are going on a honeymoon to Greece in May of 2009, and these photos make me that much more excited. We're planning on going with Transat Holidays. Did you go with a tour company/tour package, or did you travel on your own and make all your own arrangements?

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