The last month has been a whirlwind of busyness; hence my notable absence from bloggersville. Well, on Thursday I handed in my last two course assignments, meaning that all I have left is one little paper known as my thesis. Ok, perhaps “little” is the antonym of what the assignment actually entails, but I am trying to enjoy the finishing of my course work for at least a few days.

Over the holidays I hope to update you all (if there’s anyone left!) on some of the things I have been wondering. Here’s what I am planning (no guarantees):

-Why I am a “accepting inclusivist” regarding salvation and the Christian faith.
-Why I think “realist pacifism” is possible.
-What do people really mean when they say “tolerance.”
-The inconsistencies of intuition and theology.
-Why watching movies, the Golden Compass in particular, can be a fruitful exercise.

Well, I hope everyone’s Christmas preparations are not too overwhelming. My holiday anecdote for everyone is to try and make eye contact with people when you are out and about. Yes, those really are other people, not just mindless drones of holiday consumption. Blessings!


Peter Thurley said...

You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be watching for your posts. In particular, the one of realist pacifism. I have become increasingly convinced that idealist pacifism is possible (just as idealism in 'being perfect' is possible) and that it is the goal to be worked towards, but I do not think that realist pacifism is possible. So I'm waiting for that one.

And I suspect we concur about The Golden Compass.

That little paper called the Thesis has been the reason why I have yet to comment on it myself.

p.s. it's not so little.

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