Out of Context

Every once in a while I encounter quotable comments that out of their context can be completely unhelpful, and oftentimes humorous to the out of context reader. Hopefully I can share some of these out of context gems as I encounter them.

Here is an example:

“Moral obligation is not a demand, it’s a gift”

Trying telling this someone facing an ethical quandary. It’s like telling a child you don’t have to clean your room, you get to!


Peter Thurley said...

I am very curious as to the actual context of this quote.. haha because out of context it is hilarious!

dwark said...

It was in a lecture from my ethics class in response to ethical frameworks that have no theological basis. Basically, the argument was that ethics relying on reasoned principles alone (Kant) are not compatible with the Christian worldview where God is the basis for morality (although how this is envisioned is open to considerable variety)

Peter Thurley said...

I just might have to write a post about this sometime. I hold that ethics and morality are entirely possible without God, and in some cases, are even preferable to ones that appeal to God. I've got some sneaky ways of fleshing this out in a way that holds that morality is still subject to God's rule, but is not impossible or even unrealistic in a possible world in which God does not exist.

This certainly puts me at odds with a good number of Christian philosophers and apologists who claim that it is impossible for morality to exist without God.

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